Uniquement pour elite 10 two & 10 three.
  • Uniquement pour elite 10 two & 10 three.

Télécommande 10 Apple

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The elite 10 remote for Apple is available with the purchase of an elite two or elite three and consists of a factory-installed wi-fi receiver plus the free lobster elite remote control app to be used on your personal apple device and available for download et the App Store. 

Our proprietary system allow you to use an Apple Watch, iPhone, iPod or iPad to control the complet operation of your elite two-10 or three-10. Apple users will enjoy the benefit of not needing an additional remote control device to keep track of and watch users watch users will be amazed at the convenience of controlling the machine from their wrist.


Uniquement disponible  pour les modèles elite two et elite three, cette télécommande permet de modifier les paramètres de la balle. 

Compatible uniquement pour la série elite two et elite three modèle 10.


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