Télécommande 10 fonctions pour elite 10 two & three.
  • Télécommande 10 fonctions pour elite 10 two & three.

Elite 10-function remote

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The elite 10 is like no other remote we have developed - compact & versatile. Easily control the many features found on our elite two-10 and three-10 models, including the ball speed, ball spin, elevation, feed and random oscillation.

Warning : this remote must be factory installed with the purchase of the elite two-10 or elite three-10 machine. It can not be installed on elite two and three without replacing the PCB. It will not work with elite liberty nor will it work with elite one. 

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La télécommande elite10 a été élaborée spécialement pour les modèles elite-10 two & elite three. Elle ne fonctionne pas avec les modèles de  série elite classique (elite one, two & three).

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