20-function and Apple® remote Combo

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For customers seeking the option to use the grand remote for Apple along with the traditional, hand-held controller, you can now have the best of both worlds. The Lobster grand remote + Apple remote bundle gives you the option of using the standard remote or your Apple Watch, iPhone, iTouch, or iPad device to control and operate your elite grand or phenom ball machine. To use the Apple remote, download the free “Lobster grand remote control” app for Apple today.

If not installed at the time of purchase of machine, it is possible to upgraded to the grand remote for Apple by either sending the machine to Lobster for installation or purchasing the part online and self-installing with the use if our video tutorial.


2 modules à installer sur la machine pour utiliser à la fois la télécommande 20 fonctions our votre téléphone. Précisez sir votre équipement est Apple ou Androïd.

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