Lobstersports Tennis

SLS Distribution - Lobstersports France  is the official distributor for Lobster Sports US (www.lobstersports.fr). All our models are backed up by a four year warranty for owners who bought their machine from our website or direct from our french head office. The four year warranty does not apply for any machine bought elsewhere.

Lobstersports France does not sale tennis ball machines to dealers or to online shops. We pride ourselves in providing our customers an outstanding service which we would not be able to offer if there were a dealer between us and the customer.

A tennis ball machine is not simply a pair of tennis shoes or a tennis racket you can easily buy from an online dealer.  A tennis ball machine  needs to be backed up by a technical service, provided by lobster sports France technicians, in case the machine shows signs of trouble-shootings. 

Lobstersports France distributes tennis ball machines throughout Europe.  

Lobstersports Tennis

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